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Star: A horse story.

Some of the most incredible experiences in my life involve horses. As a child I spent most of my time with animals. Animals tend to give unconditional love. No judgment on their part, only kindness and acceptance.

Jericho and Star
Angela Dillard
A love story
Angela Dillard

Unfortunately as an adult I didn’t have access to my amazing equine angels; until recently. I was gifted a horse a few months ago. Star, a beautiful young mare with a broken heart, was presented to me. Her journey was a lonely one, though she had been in a field with a couple of other horses, she had little to no human interaction.

You could see in her eyes every time I had to leave her she wondered, when or if I would be back. In her new home, a wonderful boarding facility, she stood alone. She didn’t want to interact with the other horses. She was lonely.

Around the same time Star came into my life; I met an incredible family at a Tugg event: Angela, Bill, Kaleb and Jericho. The day after the event I learned that Jericho had suffered an incredible heart break. My first thought was to ask Jericho if she liked horses. It turns out she is a horse aficionado and has been around them she was a toddler.

I invited Jericho and family to meet Star. The first meeting was magickal. It was easy to see that Jericho and Star were just what the other one needed. Star began to bloom under all the attention from her newly found big sister and the smile on Jericho’s face finally went to her eyes.

Under Jericho’s loving care Star has worked through many of the problems she had. She has learned to neck reign with ease. She crosses over objects without being spooked, and most importantly the love between the two is obvious.

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