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Staples Office Store in Pikesville

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When a customer enters a retail store most are looking to purchase. It is the employees' job to assist in selling product to the customer. At the Staples' store in Pikesville employees push for a sell each and every moment until a customer walks out of the store. As a customer, sometimes all I want is to go into a store, get what I need, and get out. Some customers may only want what they ask for and nothing else. Most of all, many customers do not want to be pushed into purchasing products especially when they need help getting service for an item already purchased at the store. I noticed these issues to be a problem at the Staples' store in Pikesvilles. Young inexperience employees are told to push for a purchase so to boost sales. Some of those young inexperience employees do not appear to understand how to use customer service techniques while pushing for a sell. Being a pushy salesperson can turn customers away. Listening to the wants and needs of a customer and addressing those needs and wants; may result in a purchase.

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Store manager Tarodd Banks and Assistant Manager Stephinol Lewis are exemplary in their customer service approach. The model behavior of these managers have yet to trickle down to their employees. I have witnessed customers standing in long lines and employees having to be told to “ring them up”. I had an employee leave me to speak with her manager, walk to the back of the store, can back to the front of the store to assist another customer, and never came back to me. I had two items I wanted to purchase and one item I wanted serviced. I was sold a once Dead, re-certified, Surface tablet for a new one by the Assistant Manager and did not realize it until I got home. I addressed this situation with both managers, with very little satisfaction. Many retail businesses hire young inexperienced people. Such behaviors by retailers may be an effort to keep cost down. Retailers should realize that when they cost hiring cost, they get what they pay for.