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Staples and Real Simple share easy office solutions

Staples and Real Simple office solutions
Staples and Real Simple office solutions
Staples, Real Simple

As families begin the process of Spring Cleaning, home de-cluttering is a priority. Often the home office is the home clutter area. From too many papers stacked to the ceiling to files on the floor, the home office lacks a conducive working environment. Staples and Real Simple joined forces to provide some easy to manage office solutions to organize the space.

Write it down

Keeping an organized schedule is imperative to staying on track. Use a designated board on a wall to keep schedules, work flow and calendars in plain sight. Once a task is complete, cross it off the to-do list.

Keep it confidential

Paper avalanches aren't a sign of an organized individual. Confidential information needs to be properly disposed. The Staples Space Saver Shredder makes quick work of the piles of paper. Financial records, medical documents and other personal information becomes confetti in a quick, hassle free manner. The Staples Space Saver Shredder retails for $149.

Customize your environment

A home office doesn't need to look like a boring cubicle. A few homey touches like a textured rug can personalize the space. Plus, a rug can minimize noise. The little touches can make working hours fly.

These office solutions are just a few ideas to maximize your office space. Multi-tasking and work efficiency are within your grasp.

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