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Stanford's Andrei Linde's cosmic revelation has towering religious implications

Professor Andrel Linde of Stanford has a profound theory that will not only impact science, but have religious implications concerning spiritual realities.
Professor Andrel Linde of Stanford has a profound theory that will not only impact science, but have religious implications concerning spiritual realities.

In Hebrews is says without faith it is impossible to please God, however it doesn't hurt to have a little scientific data to supplement once's faith.

It is being described as the “smoking gun” of the Big Bang theory, so momentous that it is being heralded at the one of the greatest moments in the history of science. If there ever was an executed slam dunk for a Nobel Prize in the field of science, this is it.

Stanford physicist Andrei Linde was lying in bed sick 30-years ago in Moscow, Russia during a horrid winter when his “ah ha” moment hit him as a divine relevation. Linde conceived a radical idea that hit him as a thunderbolt on Chaotic Inflation and the violent expansion of the universe. This theory of eternal chaotic inflation creates a self-reproducing eternally existing system of many universes.

Linde exclaimed, “And suddenly I had the theory of eternally expanding inflationary universes, unceasingly producing new universes.” This cutting edge hypothesis declared that our universe is one of many.

Other accomplished string theory physicists have long believed that there are other dimensions, perhaps anywhere from 8 to 16, but this breathtaking breakthrough by Linde which is being validated by the discovery of gravitational waves from a telescope at the South Pole could well be the evidence for Linde’s amazing theory.

Extraordinary gains in science typically validates the Biblical accounts of science as in Genesis where “in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth” is not excluded from concepts as Creation.

Even Linde concurs philosophically with this when he says, “I think it would be such a waste of energy for God not to use this way of creating a universe—to take a milligram of matter and then the universe does the rest of its job by itself, producing infinite number of universes.”

Infinite number of universes? Linde’s guess is right along with the theoretical string physicists as Stanford’s Lisa Randall who have long believed that multiple dimensions existed.

After being a product of the single Russian totalitarian state, he has a personal distrust of single authoritarian systems as the single God, thus Linde leans more towards the Eastern philosophy which is polytheistic.

Regardless of differences in religious theology, the implications to substantiating alternate dimensions or universes will have a profound impact in having a scientific explanation to events documented in the Bible.

The spiritual dimension has long been an issue with those expecting evidence regarding its existence, and the possible proof of other dimension based on Linde’s theory of other dimension occupying the same space would offer some scientific proof of existence taking place in other universes, perhaps existing in the same space.

Stories in the Bible give record of inter dimensional transitioning. As long as we keep in mind that the rules of one dimension do not apply to another would offer interesting hypothesis of what actually transpired in the Bible based on a scientific explanation. A basic tenant of science is to be able to test, measure, or observe demonstrations in the laboratory, however how can this work if the person, processes, or items are from another dimension?

Jesus being in the nature God had abilities to suspend and even ignore the physical laws governing our dimension. Boundaries as time have been circumvented by God and may be meaningless in the spiritual dimension God exists.

What is even more fascinating is God could well be the authoritarian power of all universes and sets the rules and boundaries in each by His word. It is irrelevant to God in His omnipotence because He would probably have the power to intervene in any universe, but is bound by His word not to intervene unless authorized to do so by the inhabitants of that universe. If He is the same in this universe, He is probably the same in others.

Jesus may well be the “way, truth, and the life” in this dimension or universe as set by God, however the rules and laws apparently are quite different in each universe as set by God.

If God can orchestrate existence in our universe from one small proton and create a cosmic explosion from “Let there be light”, then there must be a spiritual component that connects all the billions of universes and dimensions through some single connection, or for the lack of a better word, doorway. That pathway to another dimension would be a logical expectation.

There is a Biblical account of those transitioning over to another dimension in Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus. Christ materialized into a closed room and departed the same way through some type of dimensional opening and closing. Jesus bent the laws of physics to accomplish His mission on Earth on a multitude of instances.

Many believe that death itself is merely the closing of one door and the opening of another to another spiritual dimension as stipulated in the Bible. Rules and consequences would be different in the next dimension and somehow what is done in this dimension could well impact your destiny in another. After all, energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely transforms.

Death as defined in our universe can be an ever evolving doorway to other dimensions and universes with the established consequences transitioning with us. One would expect that there is a type of judgment awaiting that is more eternal than one realizes.

One thing is certain, those saying when you die there is nothing else are wrong both theologically and scientifically. It’s a bad bet to declare there is nothing else based on Biblical and now scientific evidence.

At death the additional possibilities are clearly there.

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