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Currently, there is a new trend emerging in the comedy scene of metro-Detroit. It involves the marriage of two things that, while both humorous, are usually kept separate. Do you like stand-up? Do you like improv? Then you will probably love Standprov.

Standprov works like this: the audience members write down topics and then comics go onstage and given a topic at random. They use that topic until they are out of jokes for it and then move on to the next one. It has that stand up feel and style with the excitement of improv thrown in the mix. It's the best of both comedy worlds!

Where can I watch such a thing? You might ask. Well it just so happens that there are two places to catch it in the metro-Detroit area; Seven Brothers Bar in Hamtramck, and Go Comedy! in Ferndale.

Both shows are put together by Andy French. Seven Brothers is a chill old bar in Hamtramck. You show up and sign up at 9pm and it happens every other Tuesday. There is no cover. This show is basically a try out for the more professional show at Go Comedy! Also if you love dive bars, and cheap beer, and laughing, this is the show for you.

If you do well there, then you may have to chance to be on the Wednesday show at Go. It is part of their Proving Grounds which is basically an improv open mic. Proving Grounds starts at 10pm and is most Wednesdays. The cost is 5 dollars, which is a great price to see some of Detroit's best comic minds at work.

Standprov is a fun, cheap night out. It's also a great way for comics to write onstage. Whether you are an audience member or a comic, you definitely want to check out Standprov at either of these locations!

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