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Standing in the face of trials

Beloved of God a person does not have to be prophetic to recognize the litany of challenges that face the world we live in, the seemingly endless series of natural disasters, the political unrest around the World the social and economic crisis that has restlessly gripped the global the dramatic change in the climate as well as the pervasive sense that everything is falling apart. As I scan the channel on my television I cannot but help notice the endless stream of talk shows host, pundits, polices, self appointed self help experts all of who seem to have THE prescription to solve the problems of the world.. As I listen the well intended but often insane solutions to what ails us I find myself experiencing an internal discomfort as a nagging and pregnant question is forming inside of me that a tempest.. "where is the Church" Where is the Church Where is the Church. As I pondered this question I realized at this is most likely the question being asked by most of the World. In the face of some of the most intense trials in history where is the Church, is it standing in the position of Global intercessor pleading with the God who controls all things that He mercy and grace prevent even further destruction, much the way Abram pleaded for Sodom, or is it standing as accuser petitioning God to pour out His wrath on the very people that its faith teaches its Lord died to redeem or yet still is it sitting on the side lines unconcerned about anyone but itself or anything but its own self defined right to prosperity. Through out History the Church's position is world affairs and the affairs of the world was clear, it founded school, hospitals, homes for the poor, it founded social organizations, advocate for the interests of the poor, the forgotten, the abused and even the unsaved, all in the hope of showing the world the mercy of Jesus. But where are we standing now, are we standing for the cause of Justice, for forgiveness, are we as kneeling before our God seeking mercy for the sins of the world and those who are facing destruction, or are we like Nero playing the preverbal fiddle while the Kingdoms of the world burn.