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Standing may be the best exercise for losing weight

Better ways to lose weight.
Better ways to lose weight.
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There are many steps people take to lose weight. Two fundamental aspects are diet and exercise. The question is, what type of exercise and how much is required to shed pounds?

Exercise has been proven to help lose weight and keep weight off. It burns calories that can not then be stored as fat. The important tie-in with diet is to consume less calories than you burn through exercise, so that fat can be used as a fuel source.

But moderate to intense exercise can create increased appetite as the body requests more fuel to burn. If you continue to eat extra calories to compensate for the extra exercise, then you essentially end up maintaining your weight instead of dropping pounds.

A new study has shown that there may be a simpler method for exercise that does not increase the appetite, making it easier to shed pounds. Simpler exercise such as standing all day instead of sitting consumes many more calories without the increase in appetite.

The study also shows that consistent exercise is the key to maintaining your weight. Daily exercise at about an hour a day changes your metabolism for faster processing of food into fuel instead of fat and also curbs appetite to help the body know when it has eaten enough and to stop.

Read more about the study: Part 1 and Part 2.


  • Patricia Cook 5 years ago

    I'll be throwing away all the chairs in my house!

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