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Standby for Titanfall

Developed by Respawn
Published by: EA
Multiplayer only
Only for XBoxOne and PC

Screenshots of Titanfall
Screenshots of Titanfall
Standby for Titanfall

Welcome fellow Gamers! The excitement is building for the upcoming release of Titanfall developed by Respawn. Titanfall is a multiplayer only, mech and soldier shooting mash up of epic proportions.
Titanfall puts to primary factions against each other in a war for land and resources. Matches open up with the player on foot as a soldier carrying a variety of weapons including a main weapon, side arm, anti titan and special ability. The soldiers are well trained and equipped with jet packs that aide in parkour style free running. If the movement, assassinations and gunplay weren’t enough to make this an awesome multiplayer game just wait until its time to call in the Titan. After the player has accumulated enough points they can call down they’re own mechs known as Titans.
These 20 foot tall machines are more than your average mechs. Titans are very agile with the ability to sprint and side step. Like the soldier, Titans come equipped with a variety of assault weapons one of major interest is a one shot electrical bolt that deals an incredible amount of damage. Titans also come equipped with special abilities, at this time only one was found. The vortex shield allows a players Titan to capture enemy fire and send it back to them dealing damage.
With so much to offer you won’t miss the fact that there is no single player campaign for this game, but they do offer a multiplayer campaign mode. Excitement is building for this awesome game. Standby for Titanfall.

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