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Stand Your Ground will not be repealed

There will never be full justice for the shooting of the then 17 year old teenager in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael Dunn, 47 years old at the time, reacted in anger and fear as the insolent Black teenager threatened him(Dunn) with the words: “sh..ts goin' down now!“ Dunn removed his 9 mill pistol from the glove compartment fired at SUV that carried three other young men eventually killing Jordan Davis.

In a courtroom similar to this Michael Dunn was convicted of attempted murder.
F. Matthews

Although the “victim” in this case was African American and the “accused” in this case was white, only two African American women, on the jury, were involved in either the prosecution or defense of the trial of Michael Dunn.

In the end, Dunn was not convicted of killing Jordan Davis. The jury deadlocked on the first Degree Murder charge. The State Attorney who personally prosecuted the case, Angela Corey, says she will try Dunn again on that charge.

The problem, her office has an under-zealous reputation for prosecuting “stand your ground” tainted cases involving African Americans. On her docket currently, the retrial of Marissa Alexander, a African American woman in Jacksonville accused and convicted of firing a gun in the air to ward off the perceived attack of her former husband after an altercation at their home. Corey’s office offered Alexander 3 years in prison, after going to trial, Alexander received a sentence of 20 years.

And then there is the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Corey's office lost this case.

There is no case involving Black on Black violence where there the Stand your Ground argument has been tried. These cases only arise with a racial component.

There will be no reversal of this law in Florida. The conservative Republican dominated legislature will not do it. The Governor of Florida has no reason to propose repeal. The constituency represented by both; white, conservative in politics and economics, and removed from urban living, could care less about the inhumanity of the law. Their concern is for the preservation of …self.

This is the issue of Racism that continues to run in the background like a viral computer program in American society. Despite the success on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and City Hall in Jacksonville, the issue of race and the fears that accompany it continue to invade every facet of American life.

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