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‘Stand Your Ground’ rally attendees brave cold to support gun rights in Ohio

Peaceable attendees bearing arms braved bitter cold and biting winds to demonstrate their support for the Second Amendment.
Peaceable attendees bearing arms braved bitter cold and biting winds to demonstrate their support for the Second Amendment.
David Codrea

Despite cold in the low 20s along with strong, biting gusts that stung exposed skin, dozens of gun rights activists, many openly carrying rifles and holstered handguns, gathered peaceably in front of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus Sunday to show their commitment to the Second Amendment.

Rally attendees braved bitter cold and biting winds.
David Codrea

The rally, which began at noon, was part of a broader effort coordinated by Gun Rights Across America, which urged activists to hold rallies at state capitals throughout the nation.

Rally supporters, which grew to around 100 during the time Gun Rights Examiner was there, had the forum to themselves -- no counter-protestors had made their presence known by the time this correspondent left around 1 p.m, although there was a visible police car presence. The only “Authorized Journalist” media noticed was a cameraman from WBNS 10TV, who took some crowd shots and then left. No on-scene reporters were there to conduct interviews and solicit opinions during the time this correspondent was in attendance.*

Dave Noice of Ohioans for Concealed Carry got the formal part of the gathering underway by introducing invited speaker Don Shrader, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Ohio, who told the crowd about his group’s efforts and talked about their commitment to the Second Amendment.**

Per a post by Noice on Facebook after the event, other grassroots groups with a presence at the rally included “Central Ohio Carry, Ohio Carry, Northeast Ohio Carry [and] Southwest Ohio Carry. We were all there in force!”

But it was a peaceable force, full of warm camaraderie that offset the bitter cold. As is the rule with such gatherings, those in attendance conducted themselves as safely and responsibly at the rally as they make a disciplined practice of doing in everyday life.

*UPDATE: Evidently there was some coverage of the event from 10TV that I either did not witness or that happened after I left.

**UPDATE: Per Noice, "The second speaker we had today was Max Erwin."


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