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"Stand Your Ground Law": Popcorn God Almighty

"Stand Your Ground Law": Popcorn God Almighty
"Stand Your Ground Law": Popcorn God Almighty

In 2005, the Stand Your Ground Law was signed and made into law for the State of Florida. Since then it has allowed many to walk away from any sort of prosecution. George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin using the Stand Your Ground law. Seventeen year old Trayvon was walking home with a bag of skittles in his hand. He got into an argument with Zimmerman and George felt in fear for his life. He shot and killed the 17 year old. This event went to trial and George Zimmerman walked away free.

In 2005, Statute 776.013 stated that if a person was in fear for their life that they could with equal force defend themselves. Thus allowing the person to kill the other if needed.

Michael Dunn pulled into a convenience store parking lot. He pulled up next to a car of youths with loud music. Dunn states that when words were flying between himself and the youths he thought he saw a gun. He started shooting and shot and killed one of the teens. He was convicted of three of the four charges but not first degree murder. Dunn used the Stand Your Ground Law but didn't get away scot-free. He will do some time on the other charges.

Last month at a Pasco County movie theater Curtis Reeves was arguing over texting in the theater with another gentleman. Reeves had gone to management to inform them of another patron who would not stop texting during the previews. Reeves went back to his seat and the two started arguing again. The victim picked up Reeves bag of popcorn and threw it back at him. Reeves fired one shot and killed the now infamous texter. Curtis Reeves is a 71 year old former police captain for the city of Tampa, Fl. He was also one of the founders of the Tampa Swat Team. He was no slouch as a cop yet he was afraid of a bag of popcorn. His defense team has said they will use the Stand Your Ground Law.

I don't believe that when this law was brought into service that this was how it was supposed to be used. On the occasions that it has been used as a defense, people get off seventy percent of the time. If you wish to see a travesty of justice by all means just Google the Stand Your Ground Law and you will see how many different types of cases it has been used and abused on. The State Legislature has said that it will take a look at it when they convene next month. In other words we are stuck with it.