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Stand still until it's time for your next relationship

Be hopeful
Be hopeful

When a person is single it's hard not to feel down as a result of being alone and even worse: being lonely.

It is in these times of loneliness when individuals become more vulnerable. When a person is vulnerable in some cases is when they become victims to the ones who tend to prey on the vulnerability of others. One should not allow themselves to become a victim as a result of their vulnerability. Instead of focusing ones loneliness one should focus on their blessings.

What are ones blessings?

Depending on your life each one of us has a different list of blessings. But, there are some commonalities.

The commonalities can be being alive to see another day, having eyes and being able to see, having legs and being able to walk, being in ones right mind and being appreciative of the simple things in life.

Here is a challenge.

Take five minutes a day from your busy day and observe the beauty around you. Look at the trees, the clouds, the sun, the moon and feel the wind as it kisses your face. If you live near or can get to one of the beautiful bodies of water in the Bay Area you should really take advantage. Just go and sit or walk and look at the amazing body of work created. Hold on to these moments for recall because at some point you will need them. Hopefully each day you will allow yourself to take in a little more and a little more. Before you know it five minutes will turn into fifteen minutes, then thirty, then forty five, then one hour and so on and so on. As time goes by the focus will shift from being lonely to being hopeful about ones future when it comes to their next relationship. After all if a person doesn't have hope for themselves then who else will have hope for them?

When you start to feel lonely recall a moment of beauty that you have experienced and focus on it. Stay encouraged and stand still. Meaning be hopeful but most of all be patient.

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