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Stand by your friends, family and strangers with depression

It’s often the biggest comedic personalities that are suffering the worst on the inside. You never know what someone may have going on in their life that they do or don’t talk about, what heartache renders them helpless. Addiction and depression often go hand in hand. So often these people don’t feel of value.

Stand by your friends, family and strangers with depression

Robin Williams died of suicide, he was found Monday morning in his home. He spoke of struggling with depression and addiction for many years.

Support and be available The best thing you can do is to be there for someone who doesn’t feel valued or may be depressed and stuck. On Facebook last night it’s amazing the people who ‘came out’ to talk about their own struggles with depression, via Robin Williams death, and what it can be like. The talk is so valuable both in knowing you are not alone in your struggle, and in knowing the people closest to you need you emotionally more than you know. These are people you talk to everyday you have no idea of their own inner struggles.

What is the best thing you can give someone “Your time,” Rick Warren pastor and author, said it best and it is a sentiment that has been passed forward. “Love should be your primary objective and greatest ambition. It’s the most important part of your life. Relationships must have priority above all else. Why? Life without love is worthless. We act as if relationships are something that should be squeezed into our schedule, finding more time for our children and loved ones in our life. We start cutting back on the time we spend on relationships to pay the bills and become preoccupied with accomplishing our goals. This gives people the impression that love is no more important than the rest of our tasks as if this is the main point in life, they are not. Love is. Love lasts forever, love leaves a legacy.”

Busy-ness is the great enemy of relationships “Attention says I value you enough to give you my most precious gift. Time, attention and focus. When you give your time you are making a sacrifice. Nothing can take the place of that, for we are not promised tomorrow. The best time to love is now. Never tell someone to wait until tomorrow, people die, children grow up and circumstances change. Think now who do you want to spend your time with. What do you need to cut from your schedule to make that possible? What sacrifices do you need to make? The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now.”

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