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Stan Lee to create for Boom! Studios

Teaser image released to news sites last week
Teaser image released to news sites last week

Ending a week of speculation, Boom! Studios today released an announcement that Stan Lee will “oversee” three titles to be announced later in the year.

From the press release:

Boom!'s Editor-in-Chief Mark Waid, creator of Boom!'s runaway hit series Irredeemable and its smash sister book Incorruptible, will be writing one of the series. Two other series will follow, featuring A-list writers as a part of the creative team. Further announcements will clarify the teams and the timing for the roll-out.

Stan Lee, of course, is the legendary comic book writer and creator or co-creator of some of the most famous Marvel super-heroes of all time, including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and Iron Man.

Since stepping down as Publisher of Marvel Comics, Lee has become the face of super-hero comics and a sort of ambassador emeritus for the industry. However, his projects have fared less well than he has over the past several years. He co-created Striperella as a vehicle for Pam Anderson for Spike TV to mixed reviews, and the series only produced 13 episodes; his first online media venture, Stan Lee Media was DOA and his partner used the company to commit fraud on its investors; and Lee’s attempt to re-imagine DC’s most prominent properties, under the "Just Imagine…" banner was met with generally poor reviews.

However, before the acquisition of Marvel Comics by The Disney Company, Lee’s current production company, POW Entertainment, received a “first look” agreement with Walt Disney Studios.

Boom! Studios will announce Lee’s new projects in the coming months. All of his new titles will be carried by The Laughing Ogre in Clintonville as well as most comic book shops in the metropolitan Columbus area.

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