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Stan Lee's Comikaze is coming Halloween weekend

Comikaze 2014 is Halloween weekend
Comikaze 2014 is Halloween weekend

Now that the San Diego Comic-Con is over, people can take a break from the convention season, but only for a while. Coming this Halloween you will be back in the swing of thing with Stan Lee's very own comic book convention, Comikaze. This smaller, yet increasingly popular event will be held Friday October 31-November 2.

Since it's first con in 2011, Comikaze has been growing faster than any other convention of its type. Last year all days were sold out, it was impossible to get tickets at the event. Tickets are still on sale right now until further notice, so feel free to plan ahead. The event is held in Los Angeles, CA at the LA convention center. Tickets are $25 a day or $70 for all three days.

Among many guests that will soon be announced to be there, one guest of honor is definitely guaranteed to show up. And that is Marvel creator Stan 'The Man' Lee himself. Over the past couple years Stan Lee has been cancelling certain events due to health complications, though he always tries to stay true to his fans. He will definitely be showing up to his Comikaze.

Since this event will be held on Halloween, that gives all the attendees even more reason to cosplay! You should dress up as one of your favorite characters from comic books, movies, TV, anime, or video games. Our favorite costumes of the day will be displayed each night of the event!

Check back often because news may change and/or be updated frequently. So enjoy your break from the 'Con' life just for a short while more because you're soon going to have to start planning for Halloween weekend at the fastest growing comic book convention in LA! As we get nearer to the date, hotel and transportation information will be updated to help plan your trip.