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Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth, and others close out inaugural Sacramento Comic Con

Two gods of the Marvel universe, a “Karate Kid,” and a Boondock Saint and his best friend were all part of the highlights for the finale of the inaugural Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con on March 9.

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth
David Wangberg
Danny Fingeroth and Stan Lee at Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con
David Wangberg

The Sacramento Convention Center, once again, was packed with thousands of people looking to get photos and autographs from Lou Ferrigno, Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth, Norman Reedus, and many other big-name celebrities.

Lee, who missed Saturday due to an illness, got past the fact that he wasn’t feeling 100 percent and took to the stage for an abbreviated Q&A. The moderator, Danny Fingeroth, had to make the questions fly by in order for Hemsworth’s Q&A to start as scheduled. When asked how it feels to be where he is now, Lee gave the most simple and honest answer.

“[It] feels good,” he said. “I don’t know what else to say.”

The 91-year-old Lee also discussed what real-life issues he would have the X-Men confront in today’s world.

“Terrorism, pollution, the energy crisis… bigotry is still a big problem,” he said.

And while there is a feud between Marvel fans and DC fans, Lee doesn’t have a problem with the publisher behind Superman and Batman. But he did have fun making a few jokes about them.

“It’s perfectly OK if you dislike DC Comics,” he said.

Lee also joked about how he could fit a title like Marvel into sentences, while DC couldn’t really do the same.

As for the liberties with the Marvel movies, Lee said they don’t bother him.

“Because the movies are successful,” he said. “I’m not going to complain.

Lee has made appearances in almost all the movies based on Marvel characters. But when asked, he couldn’t say which one was his favorite.

“If I mention one, and the director of another hears this, I’m finished,” he joked.

However, he did say his favorite was the one in which he had the “biggest cameo.” He didn’t mention the title of the film.

After taking a few more questions, Lee had to make his way off the stage. But he seemed so into answering fan questions that he didn’t want to leave.

Shortly after Lee’s exit, fans got an exclusive sneak peek at a trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which showed how Max Dillon (played by Jamie Foxx) turned into Electro. The audience applauded and cheered for the new trailer once it was over.

Once that was all done, another person well known by Marvel fans made his way to the stage. Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, was greeted by applause and multiple flashing cameras from audience members.

Entertainment journalist Aaron Sagers moderated this panel, and had fans ask their questions as quickly as possible. Some of the fans tried to get a little personal with the 30-year-old Hemsworth, asking if he would take off his shirt and what was his favorite conditioner. An audience member shouted “Thoreal” for the latter question, which got a chuckle out of Hemsworth. His favorite conditioner, though, is “whatever my wife has,” he said.

But Hemsworth also shared about the time when he accidentally elbowed Tom Hiddleston in the nose; how Chris Evans sent a text, telling them all to meet at a place, and ended it with “Avengers Assemble!”; and some of his favorite personal hobbies.

Hemsworth said “The Avengers 2” will begin filming shortly, and he can’t wait to reunite with the cast, he said.

“I’m excited to get back together with everyone and hang out,” he said.

Hemsworth called working on the first “Avengers” film a “real pinch yourself moment.”

He also proved himself to be a nerd, as Sagers called him, when it came to his favorite films. Some of his favorites he mentioned were “The NeverEnding Story”; “The Princess Bride”; “Labyrinth”; and the first “Terminator” movie.

The other Q&As for the final day of Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con were Ralph Macchio; James Hong; David Della Rocca and Sean Patrick Flannery; and Jon Bernthal.

Wizard World CEO John Macaluso said the crowd in Sacramento was so great that they have plans to come back next year. June 19-21 of 2015 will be when Wizard World returns to California’s capital city, and Macaluso said they have plans to come back a second time next year, too. However, he did not say when the second one would take place.

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