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Stamp your passport on The Silk Road....Cleveland Museum of Natural History

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Stamp your passport on The Silk Road? Okay, it is true that you did not originally need a passport on The Silk Road. You needed a camel, a walking stick, or a caravan who was willing to let you travel with them. You needed to know how to trade, how to pay for food and clothing, and also how to fight off robbers as well as blizzard-like weather in the mountains and scorching heat in the dessert. You also needed at least six months because it used to take from six months to a year to travel the entire Silk Road one way. A passport is just an additional item that you need these days.

I traveled The Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Silk Road exhibit on its very first day, yesterday, May 31st. You stamp your passport at each of The Silk Road's four cities, Xi'an, Turfan, Samarkand, and Baghdad. Items that you could purchase and/or experience were spotlighted from each city. They included but are not limited to: cloths ( i.e. silk), food, pottery, jewelry, and other, geographic locations between and around the four cities. It was educational and fun for both children and adults. They gave you absolutely enough information, but they kept you moving throughout the exhibit as well. You wanted to stop and "see" each city; but you also wanted to "travel on" and see more too. It is a great exhibit.

I was reminded of some things that I already knew about The Silk Road as well as learned some new things. I want to go back and travel it again. It will not take six months for me to do it either:).

The Silk Road exhibit will be at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History until October 5th. For more information, please visit