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Stalking Bigfoot in the Hudson Valley: Part 2

Recent sightings in Dutchess County, NY have attracted some nationally known Bigfoot investigators into the area, as this Animal Planet excerpt, filmed in Pawling, attests. Individuals have reported possible encounters and sightings in Clinton Corners, Pine Plains, Rhinebeck, and Stanfordville for the last few months on a fairly regular basis. Some of these reports include other paranormal elements, such as strange lights, both in the sky and through affected forest areas, electromagnetic disturbances, infrasound effects and unusual animal deaths.

A cave near Rhinebeck, NY, close to where recent Bigfoot sightings have been reported.
courtesy Gayle Beatty
Near Tivoli, NY, where strange knocks and vocalizations have been heard
courtesy Gayle Beatty

In one instance, a large hairy upright creature was simply seen crossing the road in front of a driver. In another, a 'heavy man covered with hair' was observed apparently trying to drag road kill off a main thoroughfare. A woman has reported that one evening, while home alone, she fell asleep and dreamed of a Bigfoot like creature (she didn't know that they were being seen in the area) and awoke as the motion light in the back of the house came on. When she cautiously looked outside she saw a large hair covered figure standing right at the edge of the circle of light. As soon as she got a good look at it, it stepped back into the darkness. She reported her experience after hearing about other sightings from a friend.

It can be exhausting trying to track all this down, interview people and explore the woods for possible physical evidence. But it's also the opportunity to explore and investigate a mystery.

What do you like best about investigating Bigfoot?

The best part about investigating Sasquatch for me is spending time in the forest with nature. Instead of bringing a gun, I bring a camera and an audio recorder. It is a great opportunity to share my knowledge of the outdoors with others.

Since starting my research group, I have met hundreds of like minded people who are willing to share their findings about these amazing creatures. I always enjoyed a Mystery, the fact that these 1000 pound 10 foot tall creatures are living in our forests intrigues many of us.

I especially enjoy interviewing eye witnesses and hearing of their encounters first hand. I have compiled almost 50 local encounters for a book I am writing. I also am working very closely with a homeowner that has a family of Sasquatch living on his property. We speak several times a day about their behavior. This will be included in my book.

There is so much to learn about these Beings. The Native Americans believe they come in times of trouble in the world, as messengers. Some believe they can shapeshift and even disappear. To say that I am obsessed is an understatement. There is not a day that goes by when I am not spending my time either in the field or doing online research.

I have found and cast several tracks. The largest one is 19", which makes the creature approximately 9' tall. We have also found hair samples and scat, and several suspected Sasquatch kills including deer, cows and muskrat and raccoon.

One of the most exciting encounters to date happened on December 30, 2013. A group of four of us visited the Habitation site to do a night investigation. One of the men brought his Flir Camera, which is used to seek out heat signatures at night. We didn't have to go far from the house before the Squatch let their presence be known!

They started snapping off branches and knocking down trees and throwing rocks at us. We did manage to get five of them on the Flir before we retreated to the safety of the house. The next morning, the homeowner and I returned to the area, sure enough we found that they had snapped off huge branches and pushed over some good sized trees.

Another aspect I enjoy is educating people in the community, especially the children. They are fascinated with the subject and have so many questions. I recently was called to a home that had suspected activity. When I arrived, a young boy named Aiden and his neighbor Morgan were anxiously waiting. They told me of seeing a young sasquatch run through their yard one afternoon while playing. They also said they hear whistling and woodknocking.

The group began to look around the property, which borders an apple orchard, corn field and a creek to the West. It didn't take long before the kids took me right to the tracks. Sasquatch enjoy watching children play, and this Clan had stick structures in several spots where they could hide and observe the family without being seen.

The Hudson Valley is rich with wildlife and has an abundance of food sources to sustain a breeding population of Bigfoot. More and more people are coming forward with their encounters now that the media and some Scientists have acknowledged the existence of these hairy men.

I feel Blessed to have found so much evidence and to have the support of the Bigfoot Community with many resources available online. Hopefully someday in the near future, this Mystery will be solved, without having to kill one to prove their existence.

For Gayle, this is a life's work, a vocation, a calling really. The network of people growing around these investigations, including many individuals who can finally tell somebody about their unusual experiences, is developing into a unique community. It's as much about sharing as it is about solving.

Again, Gayle Beatty and Bruce G. Hallenbeck, author of Monsters of New York, will be sharing the latest research about Bigfoot in the Hudson Valley on Thursday, May 15, at The Enchanted Cafe, 6:30p.

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