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Stalkers can find your kids online and through mobile apps - Part 1

A 21 year-old Tennessee man has been arrested for on cybersex crimes for soliciting nude photos of a 13 year-old girl on Facebook.

According to authorities James Renfro, 21 of Red Bank, TN told the young girl that he had leukemia and that seeing nude pictures of her would make him feel better.

Police logged on the account posing as the girl with the permission of the girl’s mother. When Renfro was told that the girl would be at Northgate Mall alone, he asked to meet her and take her to another place.

When Renfro arrived at the mall Wednesday afternoon, Chattanooga police officers were waiting and took him into custody.

Kids can fall prey to this just as much as they can when a stranger approaches them on the street and asks them to help find his lost puppy.

Men have been posing as young girls or female teens trying to get the girls to send nude photos to teen lesbian and teen sex sites.

Authorities have also seen an increase in kids downloading free apps on the mobile Internet devices that allows them to text to chat rooms that may often have child predators.

Your kids can be in a chat room or on any of these text-apps and get solicited to send nude photos.

If you think it can’t or won’t happen to your kids, don’t be so sure. Parents must keep a closer eye on their children’s Internet activity. No need to spy, but there is a need to educate, communicate and keep a close eye on what they’re doing not only on the web, but on their mobile devices.

According to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, one in 25 children ages 10 to 17 receive an online sexual solicitation from an adult. 4% of cell phone carrying teenagers say they have sent sexual material via text messaging while 15% of cell phone carrying teenagers say they have received sexual material via text messaging.

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