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Stairs add variety and intensity


Control the intensity of this long climb / photo: J. Booth

Shorter daylight hours, icy roads and sidewalks, and skin-chapping winds often limit runners to training indoors. Cross-training is beneficial but runners like to run, preferably outdoors, and after a few weeks, the treadmill feels more like a hamster wheel.

As the snow finally begins to melt throughout Jersey City, get outside and take advantage of the cross-training options the city's urban landscape offers.

Stair-climbing benefits
Stair climbing has been featured in past articles as a super calorie burn and good way to jump-start training for spring running. Additional benefits include:
- You control the intensity of the workout, e.g., warm up with a one-step-at-a-time ascent or blast upward speed-skater style
- Ascending each step requires lifting the entire weight of your body with one leg -- working leg muscles even more than running
- Descending works the quadriceps so you get a workout both ways (don't forget to stretch those quads correctly, though)


Bakery conveniently located at 611 Palisade Avenue in
Union City / photo: J. Booth

Where to climb: the border of Jersey City and Union City
Located between Paterson Plank Road and Palisade Avenue, just north of the 14th Street viaduct from Hoboken (enter on 7th Street from Palisade Avenue in Union City). Seven flights of 13 steps.

- Reached by running uphill on Paterson Plank Road from Jersey City or the 14th Street viaduct from Hoboken (many runners consider hills a bonus)
- Great view of NYC
- Bathroom facilities, water fountain, and sprinklers at Firefighters' Memorial Park on Palisade Avenue (sadly, availability is seasonal)
- Bakery for carbo loading and hydration located across Palisade Avenue from the 7th Street stairway access -- yum


  • Pedro Jaime Martinez Bas 5 years ago

    Querida Nancy:
    Me encantan tus escritos.
    Refuerzan mis conocimientos.
    Te queremos un monton:
    Crucita y Pedro
    Saludos a John.
    Envianos pan de la panaderia.

  • nmb 5 years ago

    gracias pedrito por tu apoyo y comentarios! cuando visiten, los llevo a la panaderia!

  • Luz Orsini 5 years ago

    Perfect! I've been climbing the stairs up to my apartment - 31 flights - I'm alternating between the skater style and taking 2 steps at a time. I always feel like I'm about to keel over around the 10 floor but somehow, I keep on going. Feels great when I'm done!

  • nmb 5 years ago

    wow luz, 31 flights is impressive and inspiring -- you go, mama!

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