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Stairs add variety and intensity



  • Pedro Jaime Martinez Bas 6 years ago

    Querida Nancy:
    Me encantan tus escritos.
    Refuerzan mis conocimientos.
    Te queremos un monton:
    Crucita y Pedro
    Saludos a John.
    Envianos pan de la panaderia.

  • nmb 6 years ago

    gracias pedrito por tu apoyo y comentarios! cuando visiten, los llevo a la panaderia!

  • Luz Orsini 6 years ago

    Perfect! I've been climbing the stairs up to my apartment - 31 flights - I'm alternating between the skater style and taking 2 steps at a time. I always feel like I'm about to keel over around the 10 floor but somehow, I keep on going. Feels great when I'm done!

  • nmb 6 years ago

    wow luz, 31 flights is impressive and inspiring -- you go, mama!

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