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StairMaster celebrates 30th Anniversary lauching new product TreadClimber

It's the night before the opening of the IHRSA Convention in Las Vegas .StairMaster is hosting its 30th Anniversary celebration at the Luxor Hotel and Casino and celebrating the pre-show launch of its TreadClimber by StairMaster.

This limited edition medallion was a gift to attendees at the pre-IHRSA Convention 30th Anniversary celebration at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Photos by Lori Wilk

The new TreadClimber by StairMaster will be officially launched tomorrow at the IHRSA Convention.To commemorate StairMasters 30th Anniversary, attendees at this private reception will receive a special limited-edition metal medallion.The reverse side of the medallion features a rendering of the new TreadClimber by StairMaster.

To kick off this celebration, George Schupp , one of the original three Tulsa, Ok. Tri-Tech,Inc partners who launched this company and product line shared insights with his guest. George spoke about the first three major adversities facing StairMaster when it was launched 30 years ago.

"First, we had no prior fitness industry knowledge. We(Lanny Potts, Jim Walker, and George Schupp) came from the oil industry.We were searching to start a new business in a strong industry. Our research indicated that the fitness equipment industry was strong and growing."

"The second challenge facing StairMaster was we didn't know how to sell fitness equipment. To learn, we talked to anyone who would talk to us. The first trade show we ever attended was the National Sporting Goods Association Convention in 1983. We had one StairMaster machines in our booth. "

"What they learned at the convention is that people liked the product and that validation was encouraging. Abercrombie&Fitch was the first retailer to place an order for these fitness machines although it was a small order of only 7 pieces of equipment."

"The first StairMaster machines were placed in retail stores in major cities including Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Cherry Hill, NJ."

George continued,"With a suggested retail sales price of $5,500 per machine, the sales were not very good. The change that launched StairMaster sales forward began when 21st Century Health Clubs in NYC purchased StairMaster machines for their New York City health clubs."

"The third area of challenge that StairMaster had to overcome was not having enough capital to hire the right sales staff."

Finally, the right investor was found and executives figured out how to make money with their StairMasters.

"We learned from our customers and we listened to their suggestions about how to improve,"said Schupp.

StairMaster owner, Michael Bruno said,"We're not only building on success.We're innovating. We'll be officially launching two new products at the IHRSA Convention tomorrow including the TreadClimber by StairMaster."

Bruno continued, "Even though we are launching there new products tomorrow, we're planning products for the future. The new products are being designed based on where the marketing is going."

As the champagne flutes were raised for a toast, StairMaster executives introduced special celebrity guest, former boxing champion BoomBoom Mancini, to the party.

David Lyon spoke about Schwinn's Indoor Cycling Bikes. He wanted to thank all the Master Trainers and Instructors behind their success. According to the Schwinn leaders, "We are about authentic cycling-like riding a bike. We strive to create programs with broad appeal and to provide coaching that's motivating."

Julz Arney, Schwinn Training Team Leader said, " I'm most excited by working with the most talented trainers in the fitness education industry."

Brad Schupp , son of George Schupp ,will be promoting his company's success at the IHRSA Convention due to demand for sports equipment repairs and equipment parts.


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