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Stair running

A look at the bleachers inside the stadium
A look at the bleachers inside the stadium

A view of the swamp

 Do you have  "The eye of the tiger"?  Well Rocky Balboa did which is what lead him to run the now famous 72 front stairs of  the Philadelphia Museum of Art while training to face his greatest adversary of that time, Apollo Creed.  Stair running is certainly nothing new.  Stair running is practiced frequently by bodily trainers.  But what is so special about it?

Stair running is a good way to train ones entire body.  It is used by many specifically to train the core and legs.  Stair running improves strength, agility(builds quickness and foot speed), speed and power.  It is very routinely used as an Anaerobic workout but can also be used for more creative purposes.  There are many inventive workouts that can be done to strengthen target areas on the body. 

 An anomalous attribute of stairs is the additional dimension it creates, the incline.  Because one must use extra effort to account for the incline stairs creates, calories can be burned easier than your average jog in a similar amount of time.  Don't forget to incorporate pilates to treat your body after the muscle damage done by this high intensity workout.
The website,, allows you to calculate how many calories can be burned in an hour based on attributes such as; weight, height, age and sex.  According to that site the average woman can burn around 830 calories in an hour.
Don't be shy and go visit The Swamp.  It is a good location that many people utilize for stair running and other kinds of incline training.  When you finish you too can jump in excitement that you've overcome a huge obstacle with cool theme music playing in the background.  Don't forget to bring a boom box and blast the ever so famous song, "Gonna Fly Now". 
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