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Staging your home for a date


A comfortable setting makes for a comfortable date.

You and your current dating partner have been out to eat a couple times. You’ve gone to the movies. You’ve been downtown Minneapolis for a taste of the night life. The bottom line is, it is time to invite him/her to your crib, and you are little worried about that.

The reasons can be multi-faceted. Maybe you know that you have no interior design sense, but you want your date to think you have at least a clue. Or maybe you’ve been to their pad, and it was really well laid out. You’re worried you’ll feel embarrassed about what they’ll think of your place. Or, maybe you just moved into a new place and aren’t really sure what to do with it, but you need to figure it out quickly before your date descends.

Consider inviting a real estate stager into your home. These professionals know how to rearrange furniture to the most appealing and functional positions. They know how to take your knick-knacks and make them look like real art displays. They’ll tell you in no uncertain terms that you should move that cat box to the basement, or a closet. They may not be the most sensitive to your feelings, but they’ll spare you some embarrassment (if you listen to them) when the person you really care about arrives. Some stagers even provide free consultations, but may charge a fee if you aren’t really planning to use their services to sell your home.

Any fees a stager might charge should be minimal, $100 or less. The results and savings should outweigh any such fee. Some local staging companies that may be able to help include SRP Staging Services, KFM Staging and Design, Home Spaces Staged and Showhomes Minneapolis. Check them out and see what they can do to set the stage for your next date.


  • Adam Fletcher 5 years ago

    Great article. Get your house staged. Showhomes Minneapolis is the leading franchise in the Country, helping sell over $8 billion in property.