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Staging: The hot career choice


Staging is the hot career choice. Considered an “emerging growth industry and popularized by television shows, it has rapidly become the new “hot” career. Staging is not a field that requires a license. You don’t have to pass a test. You don’t have to have an inventory of furniture and accessories.


Anyone can be a stager.

People enter the real estate staging industry from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some take a course. Others decide to expand their existing design business to include staging. Many professional organizers have decided to add staging services to their repertoire. Stylists and creative directors from the film and photography industry have seen home staging as a natural progression of their visual talents and moved into the field. With such diversity comes the need for business standards and practices.

The Real Estate Staging Association, (RESA), is the only member governed trade association in North America. Their tagline is “ Advancing Professionalism and Excellence in Real Estate Staging.” That’s reason enough to be a part of RESA but what else should you consider before you join a professional organization?  How about legitimacy? To be taken seriously in an industry that has no regulation puts a burden of proof on the stager. Membership in a professional association creates a level of comfort in Realtors and homeowners.

“Membership in RESA is a sign to the real estate industry that you have a commitment to excellence, integrity and growth in this evolving field,” Karen Otto, President of the Dallas RESA chapter, said.


Participation in professional organizations creates networking and educational opportunities. The local Dallas RESA chapter hosts speakers at their monthly meetings providing members and guests with information that relates to their industry.

“Having a trade association for home staging  is crucial to bringing legitimacy to the industry,” Shell Brodnax, president of the national Real Estate Staging Association, said. “Without an association to keep on top of the trends and opportunities, home stagers wouldn't have a way to keep informed.”


In a new industry, members have the unique ability to be a part of the process of creating the standards and ethics that move it forward. The ability to participate in the growth and direction of an industry is challenging and exciting.

Any professional needs a support group. They need a network of individuals with the same interests. If you are already involved in the staging industry or thinking about becoming a stager, consider national membership in RESA and think about starting a local chapter. As practitioners on a hot new career path, you have the opportunity to make an imprint, to make a difference. That sort of opportunity doesn’t come along very often.



  • Karen Otto 5 years ago

    Excellent article Karen! RESA-Dallas along with other local chapters in conjunction with RESA National, want to be a source of support, education and growth for the entire Real Estate industry. There is power in numbers.

  • Shell Brodnax 5 years ago

    Great article! Keep watching for more amazing opportunities RESA will be bringing in 2010.

  • Kathy Nielsen 5 years ago

    As the RESA Regional Vice President of the Southeast Region, I can speak first-hand of the value RESA brings to the home staging industry. Unity, legitimacy and professionalism is paramount to the success of any trade association. RESA represents all those things and more.

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