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Staging and kids



  • Marilee Vergati 5 years ago

    I love your articles and as usual also enjoy your photography. Great tips!

  • britt lopez 5 years ago

    Great ideas! I am a Realtor and hadn't thought of a few of these. I especially love the idea of letting the kids decorate and label their own boxes. That is a great project to keep them busy and involved in the process. Thanks for the tips.

  • Karen Bernetti 5 years ago

    What great tips Karen! Moving is such an emotional time for everyone - especially kids. It really is a good idea to involve them in the process.

  • Terrylynn Fisher 5 years ago

    Karen, great article, kids and moving...a dilemna. But you are so right that forethought and a little conscious prep for them to do on their own helps them feel less powerless about the situation. Another wise stager.

  • Janice Parson 5 years ago

    Great article, Karen! You really hit it on the head!

  • Zelma Osborne 5 years ago

    Karen, great thoughts and ideas. I have a feeling you were drawing a bit on experience. From one military brat to another, we experienced moving quite a bit. A psychological trick my parents used was to teach us children about where we were moving. Looking forward to exciting things to do in the new location made moving away from friends easier.

  • Richard Barcham 5 years ago

    I recognize that box! Excellent ideas on this subject.

  • Doreen Fisher 5 years ago

    Great child-centered ideas, Karen! Really love the suggestion of moving the door. Thanks for a great article.

  • Holly Duncan 5 years ago

    If only you lived and worked in New York, Karen -- you are truly gifted in your field!

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