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Stage Ten Atlanta Thrives on Name Recognition

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Stage Ten Atlanta shares pointers for creating a memorable name for a new business.

Stage Ten Atlanta Helps Business Owners Create Memorable Names

Stage Ten Atlanta is a towing company that is easily recognized due, in part, to its unique name. Corey Bailey, the founder of Stage Ten Towing and creator of the name, understands that a catchy business name is something that can serve as a major asset to an organization.

But what are the things that a business owner should consider when choosing a name for their new endeavor? On the surface, the task may seem quite simple. However, there are several nuances that entrepreneurs need to consider in order to come up with a strategic name that has the ring to it necessary to turn heads.

Entrepreneur is a publication that has long served as a resource to business owners. Bailey believes that one article published by the company, in particular, is a wonderful tool for entrepreneurs who are looking for the best name possible for their company.

Why Is a Catchy Name Important?

Ultimately, name recognition is a priority for up and coming companies. Business owners want members of the target audience to recognize their organization’s name when they see it—and to think of it when they don’t. For this reason, it is critical that business owners are able to choose names that will catch the attention of consumers.

The article explains: “It’s one of the first and most significant decisions a startup needs to make. Pick the wrong name—one that doesn’t resonate with customers, is difficult to pronounce or spell, or is too close to another business’s name—and it could have major detrimental effects on your brand, SEO, and bottom line.”

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the names have to be funny or quirky or offer a play on words. To the contrary, the name that a business owner chooses should be appropriate for the work that the company does, the culture it has created, and the values of its clientele. The right name, though, can bring a great deal of attention to the company for all the right reasons.

Stage Ten Atlanta Encourages Interesting, Meaningful Business Names

When developing a new name, it is critical that entrepreneurs consider the following:

- The name needs to be unique. If it is too similar to a competitor—or even a well-known company in another industry—it simply will not get the attention that business owners want.

- Emotional names are key. Now, this is an aspect of the name that can be built up during the branding of the company. However, starting with a name that has potential to become an emotional signifier is critical.

- The name should have meaning and, if possible, layers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that each name needs to have double meanings, but it needs to be relevant to the company, its target audience, and the work that it does.

- Keep in mind that made-up names can be memorable and successful. The article cites Oreo and Snapple as fantastic names that are completely made up but achieve a great deal of recognition. This is because they are fun and reflect the brand identity that these companies have built.

- On the same token, names that are simple and evocative, the article asserts, are also good choices. Virgin and Apple are the examples that Entrepreneur provides, and they showcase how just a single word can have a major impact on an industry. Additionally, these kinds of words are often emotional in nature, and this can have a wonderful effect on brand recognition.

Common Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make When Choosing a Name for Their Business

There is a long list of challenges that business owners will face as their build their new organization, and naming is just one of them. But within the task of naming the company, entrepreneurs have, historically, made several mistakes time and time again. Here are a few of those popular blunders:

- Choosing a quirky name just because. A unique name is important, yes, but going too far down this road can lead to names that just don’t make sense. Additionally, names that are too outlandish may be off-putting to consumers who want to invest in a company that they can trust and relate to.

- Picking names that are difficult to read or spell. The temptation to choose a unique spelling is great, and this can work in certain industries. However, it is crucial that consumers can both pronounce and spell the name of a business if they are going to keep it in mind as they prepare to make purchases.

Choosing the right name for a business is key, so take these issues into consideration when picking the perfect name for a new endeavor.


Stage Ten Atlanta is a unique towing company that was founded by Corey Bailey. Dedicated to providing high end service to clients, Stage Ten Towing provides exceptional quality and service to each and every customer. Additionally, the business is partnered with organizations in the Atlanta area to provide superior support to corporate clients. Ultimately, the company offers roadside assistance, motorcycle transport, private impound services, and car relocation. Stage Ten Atlanta is anticipated to expand in the near future, due to tremendous growth in the Atlanta market.