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Stage is set for fun, all packed in a box. Perfect for children of all ages

Ready, set, fun!
Ready, set, fun!

When I was a wee one, I looped pot holders, made clay objects d art that never hardened and collected seashells at the shore.
I'm a kid at heart, and (seriously) thinking of running out and picking up this trio of kits made by Bizainy. They are so much fun that Lemonade Stand, Charity Bake Sale and Babysitting Activity Kits just received recommendations from the Parents’ Choice Awards, the nation's oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children's media.
In making the announcement, Parents’ Choice states that Lemonade Stand Activity Kit “…is well organized, the design is fresh and appealing; the content introduces many corporate departments, and the advice about requiring adult supervision is clear. In families where "start-up" is not part of a dinner table conversation, this turn-key kit delivers a framework for fun, and maybe even a profit.”
Bizainy CEO and mother of two, Carolyn Stone Enenstein shares that “Bizainy is proud that the Parents’ Choice Awards’ panelists of educators, parents, specialists and kids themselves value the timeless, unplugged family fun that Bizainy Activity Kits provide. Bizainy strives to empower kids through active dialogue about business, money management and helping others.”
Parents’ Choice reviewer Andrea Sheehan says, “As a mom to four caring, creative, entrepreneurial children the Bizainy Charity Bake Sale Kit is a welcome vehicle to channel all their ingenuity and drive...this kit helps take their initiative to the next level, incorporating structured and purposeful planning tools that help lay a solid foundation for leadership, volunteerism and teamwork.”
According to Parents’ Choice reviewer Sharon Heuscher, “The Bizainy Babysitting Start-Up Kit offers a great deal of helpful information on the service and business of babysitting . . . The activity suggestions for babysitters to use are useful not only in a babysitting context, but in interaction with younger siblings as well, because for many children, their first experience caring for others is that of their younger brothers and/or sisters.”
Each kit sells for a suggested retail price of $29.99, and each includes whimsical and practical hands-on essentials such as a banner and signs, decorate-your-own money box, sales pad, business cards, stickers, postcards–plus a book including kids’ recipes, marketing plan, budget and much more.
A closer look:

Lemonade Stand
When life gives you a sunny day, open up a lemonade stand and have fun, fun, fun! Kit includes “Fresh and Delicious Lemonade” printed banner and sign with design-your-own reverse, decorate-your-own money box, sales pad, decorate-your-own-price sign and a 20-page book with marketing plan, budget, sales strategies, recipes and more! (Ages 5-105, adult supervision required)

Charity Bake Sale
Raise funds with a tasty bake sale and make a difference for a cause you love. Kit includes “Sweets for a Sweet Cause” printed banner and sign with design-your-own reverse, decorate-your-own money box; fill-in-your cause and price signs; donor stickers; sales pad; and a 24-page book with recipes, how to pick your cause and create a sale that inspires others to give! (Ages 5-105, adult supervision required)

Babysitting Start-Up
Whether you are ready to babysit or like to pretend, start your babysitting business and have a blast caring for kids. Kit includes business cards that can be personalized; client contact book; “Babysitting Rocks” tote bag; parent instruction pad; kid postcards and stickers; and a 20-page book with business strategies, rate negotiating tips, client management and more! (Ages 10-110, adult supervision required)

Great fun.
And we're not kidding!

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