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Stage 2 water restrictions in effect for north Texas cities

The invasive zebra mussel sticks to water facilities and pipes pumping water.
The invasive zebra mussel sticks to water facilities and pipes pumping water.
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With the temporary loss of Lake Texoma water supply due to the invasive zebra mussel, and the loss of 47% of Lake Chapman’s capacity due to the continued drought, Friday means the start of new water restrictions for North Texas cities.

“The only perfect storm happening in North Texas is the drought affecting our water supply”, said Jim Parks, executive director of North Texas Municipal Water District. “Not only are we facing one of the driest summers in recent years, but with zebra mussels cutting off our Texoma supply, the need for stage 2 restrictions is immediate”.

Lake Texoma represents a quarter of North Texas raw water supply, and although zebra mussels are not harmful to humans or contaminate the water, they stick to water facilities and pipes pumping water, thus increasing operating and maintenance cost.

With stage 2 restrictions, landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigations systems are restricted from 10 A.M to 6 P.M and limited to two days per week. People will also have to wait until the current drought has passed before establishing new landscaping. Street cleaning, washing of city government vehicles and operations of ornamental fountains will also be halted.

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