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Staffordshire puppy dies from e-cigarette nicotine poisoning

Even minute amounts of nicotine can kill dogs and cats.
Even minute amounts of nicotine can kill dogs and cats.
Prestige Vaping website

A 14-week-old Staffordshire terrier pup died in Britain after he bit into a bottle of nicotine laced liquid which fuels the smoke-free vaporizers for e-cigarettes reported the DailyMail.

Keith Sutton, 56, owner of the puppy named Ivy, had left the bottle filled with the liquid on the dining room table when the mischievous little rescue pooch found it.

"I peered round the corner from the kitchen and the dog was on the floor with the bottle of e-liquid. She had chewed it and pierced the plastic container. She had only ingested the tiniest amount but by the time I picked her up she was frothing at the mouth," stated Sutton.

Sutton and his partner immediately called the vet as poor little Ivy's tongue and lips turned blue and she began to vomit. Upon arrival at the vet, the puppy was started on steroids, but by Monday morning, Ivy had died.

Ivy is Britain's first victim of the e-cigarette nicotine liquid.

Sutton doesn't want Ivy's death to have been in vain, and wants to see more health warnings on bottles and for them to be sold as controlled substances like medicines or alcohol.

A spokesperson said of Ivy's condition:

"The dog started to get a reaction after 30 seconds of piercing the bottle.We managed to keep her going for a few hours, but she died in the early hours of Monday morning. The fluid is potentially fatal for dogs and they are perfectly capable of putting a tooth through the packaging."

Nicotine is highly poisonous to cats and dogs. Common signs to watch for include vomiting, abnormal heart rate, lack of coordination, tremors, weakness and collapse.

The manufacturer of the product in Britain is Prestige Vaping for Falcon e-cigarettes.

Rest in peace Ivy.

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