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Stafford County’s newest trails… and why you can’t hike on them yet

Stafford Regional Airport
Stafford Regional Airport

In 2009, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and the government of Stafford County joined forces to establish the Crow's Nest Natural Area Preserve, which is located on Raven Road in Aquia. This preserve includes some 10 miles of hiking trails… but remains officially closed to the public.

The key issue that has been delaying a full opening of Crow's Nest has been the need to raise $2 to $3 million to improve the preserve’s entrance road. However, the General Assembly has yet to approve funding for this project, despite active lobbying efforts on the part of DCR officials.

In the meantime, the primary times that members of the general public are able to visit Crow’s Nest and its trails are during semi-annual field days in the spring and fall. In addition, a very short trail on the edge of the property is accessible to the public on a year-round basis.

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