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Stacy Keibler credits organic low carb diet and Pilates for happy pregnancy

Stacy Keibler glows with pregnancy pride.
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for ELLE

What's the secret of feeling fabulous during pregnancy? Exercising and a healthy, organic low-carb diet, said Stacy Keibler in a Wednesday interview with People magazine.

"I haven’t had one day where I've been sick or tired," revealed Stacy, who is now in her third trimester. She credits her energy level and good health to her lifestyle.

"I’m very conscious of making sure I work out every day and eating healthy, so I really, truly believe that’s a big part of it," added Stacy. And she's a dedicated reader of nutrition labels.

"I try to be as organic as possible, especially with food. I not only try to eat organic, but no preservatives, nothing artificial," said Stacy. As for the infamous food cravings that some women experience?

"I have no cravings. I have no good stories to tell you!" she said, according to Access Hollywood on Wednesday.

In contrast to Jessica Simpson, who reportedly indulged in fattening foods ranging from buttered toaster pastries to brownies topped with ice cream, Stacy has had success sticking to her diet.

Stacy appreciates her good health during her pregnancy, saying, "I feel amazing. I’m so blessed."

Part of her conscious effort to stay well during her pregnancy revolves around exercise. "I make a conscious effort every day to work out – even if I just take a little walk, even if it’s 20 minutes that I have,” she said.

In addition to walking, Stacy does Pilates three times a week. "So just staying active – I think it’s really important,” she commented.

Pilates prenatal exercise classes have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are even fitness DVD specifically designed for pregnant women who want to do short Pilates workouts, such as "10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates."

Stacy's Pilates instructor praised her for her diet in an interview with Women's Health. She emphasized that junk food is off the list.

"Stacy eats clean, quality food," said Pilates teacher Nonna Gleyzer. "There is no garbage."

Even at her baby shower, Stacy served sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free cakes. Her belief in organic food showed up in the quinoa salad presented to her guests.

Hoping to help other women, Stacy has been sharing her diet and fitness tips via social media. "Healthy fats help feed your baby's growing nervous system," she posted on Instagram.

"Try drizzling #ghee over your popcorn or add a heaping to your cauliflower mash! #healthybaby #pregnancytips," Stacy added. Grassfed Organic Ghee is a common ingredient in Paleo and Indian recipes that replaces butter or oil.

A new study offers support for Stacy's recommendation for ghee and other healthy fats. Researchers at Harvard University found that it may lower the risk of having a child with autism, reported Fox News.

The researchers discovered that women who ate high levels of linoleic acid, which is a type of fat in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. were 34 percent less likely to give birth to a child with autism than those who ate low levels. The study also indicated additional benefits from fish.

"Our results provide preliminary evidence that increased maternal intake of omega-6 fatty acids could reduce risk of offspring [autism spectrum disorder], and that very low intakes of omega-3 fatty acids and linoleic acid could increase risk," the Harvard researchers revealed.

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