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Stacey Gruber is changing the world

I launched The Women's Business Tribe recently. A tribe for remarkable women in business, women worth talking about. Recall the criteria for membership. Powerful tribes aren't open to everyone. The exclusivity makes it work. In this case, the exclusivity will come from three things:

1. Fantabulous women only will be in this tribe (sorry guys).
2. Women selected for this tribe will be remarkable, unconventional, and represent powerful women that support one another.
3. Moxie is required. 

Stacey Gruber is in the tribe and is changing the world.

Maybe not your world, but the world of her clients and the people who work and live around them. The way Stacey is changing the world is something every single one of us needs to pay attention to.

While Stacey runs a small acupuncture practice in Fort Collins, Colorado, her real passion is healing and her chosen modality happens to be traditional Chinese medicine. Through her practice , Stacey has changed the way many smart people think about eastern medicine. Along the way, Stacey has assembled a tribe of true believers - me being one of them. 

One at a time, Stacey is teaching, helping, inspiring, and most of all, healing, children and adults in their every day lives. Her healing spans working with clients with serious illnesses and pain to people that are feeling 'off' and need some help getting back to feeling like themselves again. 

I can speak first hand that the tailored approach she takes with each client feels very different than going to a traditional doctor where the options for treatment are all too often limited to the prescription of drugs, generic drugs, that are not modified for our own unique needs.

Stacey doesn't just love her work healing people, she's also changing the very face of what our options are for health care.

Stacey said two things to me recently that struck me in a profound way.

"We can do anything if we feel good."

"Each of us play such a big role."

She's right. Her spirit, her light, is so big - you can feel it when you're around her. Keep changing the world Stacey, one person at a time! 


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Welcome to the tribe Stacey!

Have a good week everyone. Go be amazing!


Melissa on Twitter


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