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Stability Ball Wall Squats


Targets: Lower Body - Butt and Thigh, Core

 Short shorts, swimsuits and strappy sandals are all in the near future, are your legs and butt ready for the spotlight?

Year after year, squats and lunges are the go-to exercise move to tone your lower body because they work.  However, your muscles and your motivation loves a challenge! This squat uses a stability ball against a wall.  It encourages you to keep your shoulders back and your weight on the heels of your feet.  This also enables many people with knee injuries to be able to do this exercise as well.  Make sure never to squat below 90 degrees, squeeze your stomach and don't forget to breathe!  Once you've mastered the balance of this squat, add a medicine ball or dumbbells to make it more advanced.  You can also do these single-legged for an even bigger balance challenge


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