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Stabbing suspect named document after Norse apocalypse legend

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On Tuesday, the affidavit of a search warrant for stabbing suspect Alex Hribal’s locker was unsealed. Hribal is suspected of stabbing 20 students and a security guard with two kitchen knives in his high school on April 9. Two days after the attacks, detectives obtained a warrant to search Hribal’s locker.

Though detectives initially obtained the warrant to find the cellphone belonging to the boy, they later obtained another warrant to search through the locker’s contents.

In the locker of 16-year-old suspect, detectives found a document, written on April 6, titled ‘Ragnarok,’ which is Norse name for a series of apocalyptic events.. In the document, Hribal noted how dissatisfied he was with school and society. Detectives also found a note where he stated, “I can't wait to see the priceless and helpless looks on the faces of the students of one of the 'best schools in Pennsylvania' realize their precious lives are going to be taken by the only one among them that isn't a plebian.” It isn’t certain whether or not this note had once been part of the larger document, or had been penned separately. However, the two writings together indicate where Hribal’s mind was in the days before the stabbing.

Hribal’s lawyer has indicated that he believes Hribal had been bullied before the attacks. However, for now, there’s no evidence to suggest such a thing. Currently, Hribal is an juvenile detention center and will face arraignment on July 23. If convicted, Hribal could face decades in jail. His lawyer mentioned that he will attempt to have the trial moved to a juvenile court. Currently, Hribal is facing 21 counts of attempted homicide and aggravated assault as well as a weapons violation in a school.



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