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St. Vincent performs Cain's Ballroom ~ 3.15.14

If you ever have the privilege to perform on a Saturday night at Cain’s Ballroom, chances are you are there for a pretty damn good reason. It is not for the tame, timid or lukewarm. Not for the “up-and-comer” or the good intentioned. You get the stage and the expectations of a crowd that come with it because you are the kind of presence that can wrap the room around your finger. You get the stage because you can bring an audience onto your wavelength while projecting every nuance of your soul with effortless mastery. You get the stage because quite frankly, you are not there to eff around. Tulsa native Annie Clark (a.k.a. St.Vincent) did not need any memo or a nudge from the ghost of Bob Wills himself in order to “get it.” She already knew: the space was hers to dominate.
A near capacity crowd gathered within an eager room that included the likes of some of Tulsa’s finest local musicians, who probably left just as hungry as inspired. St.Vincent and her magnificent hair strolled onto the stage with a sense of purpose and an air of light-heartedness. Before beginning the performance, she roamed out to the middle of the platform and stood there as if to size up the crowd before her. Without hesitation, she dipped her body down ever so carefully, extending her arms out like vulnerable wings for everyone to witness. The raucous Tulsa congregation gushed with admiration as Miss Clark emerged from her gracious bow with a sign of things to come. In true non-sequitur fashion, she proceeded to break into a sideways free fall as if being blown away by an invisible force. This was a woman indeed possessed and grounded to the moment. Not very often have I been in the presence of an artist who had such an entirely uninhibited command of the stage they were tasked with filling. St.Vincent’s untangling mess of raw stage authority on a Saturday night at Cain's was yet another testament to this.

(c) Cremerica, Inc. Photography
(c) Cremerica, Inc. Photography

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- Matthew Cremer

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