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St. Supery Estate Vineyards goes bold with the 2012 Dollarhide Sauvignon Blanc

Dollarhide 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon is a ral pleaser
Dollarhide 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon is a ral pleaser

It’s always enjoyable to encounter a good, crisp Sauvignon Blanc. And to my pleasure, this is exactly what I found at a recent Napa Valley Vintners Luncheon at Charlie Palmers in Costa Mesa.

The 2012 release of St Supery’s Dollarhide Sauvignon Blanc is clean and crisp. From the onset, both the color of the wine (a pale yellow) and the nose (classic grapefruit and lime, with a touch of oak) beckoned directly to the taste. And the palate was rewarded with grapefruit again; not an overpowering grapefruit, rather an invitational one which was enhanced by a taste of lime. Delicious.

2012 in Napa is considered to be a good year for wine production. From the onset, with a cold winter highlighted with little rain, there was s strong concern that the season would not be remarkable. March arrived, and with it a total of over nine inches of rain. When the vines were watered, they were prepared for a warm spring and summer. With temperatures warm to moderately hot, the grapes were able to grow on the vines and by harvest, they were ripe to be taken.

St Supery maximized the harvest of the grapes for the Sauvignon Blanc by selecting and picking in the cool of the Napa mornings. Directly on harvest, the grapes were gently transported to the cellars where they were pressed and immediately sent to stainless steel barrels for fermentation. After initial fermentation, some of the juice was fermented with the sur-lies method for approximately seven months.

This is a light, but potentially heady wine, with an alcohol content of over 14%. The pH is 3.40 and the residual sugar is 0.2%.

The Dollarhide 2012 is a great start for a summer afternoon. With 1800 cases produced ans SRP of $35.00, it is a step above most of the lower priced competitors.

Ed Curry, Vice President for Sales was a host of the event, and along with Jarvis Communications, put on an outstanding tasting lunch!

Try the 2012 and Have a Winederful Day!

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