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St. Paul SWAT team shoots family's two dogs during no knock home raid

Two dogs were shot to death as SWAT team raided a family home.
Two dogs were shot to death as SWAT team raided a family home.
Screenshot via FoxNews Submitted photos Arman

An East Maryland Avenue family were awakened early Wednesday morning by the St. Paul Police Department's SWAT team as they executed a no knock warrant killing the family's two pit bulls within moments of the raid reported

The family's two pit bulls Mello and Laylo were shot by officers as they charged through the front door. According to Larry Lee Arman, the dogs' owner, the scene was horrible:

"One was running for her life and they murdered her right here."

Arman's girlfriend rushed to shield the young children who she claims were even in the line of fire.

St. Paul Police Department told Fox News officers were in fear of their safety and that the dogs had charged. Authorities have the right to "eliminate potential threats with lethal force."

"So how do you tell dogs who have been raised to protect a family's home, that they have to walk away if a policeman comes into your home uninvited?," questioned Naomi Striker of Boston, a second year law student. "Dogs are going to be dogs, and someday police are really going to be held accountable for their abuse of power when it comes to arbitrarily killing family dogs when they enter someone's house. Laws really need to change."

A judge signed the search warrant for Arman's home who admits he is a recreational marijuana smoker. The search warrant was issued to find weapons and drugs. Authorities only found clothing, a glass bong and suspected marijuana remnants.

Neighbors are outraged. The dogs were well liked in the area and great family dogs.

Rest in peace Mello and Laylo.

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