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St. Patricks Day Parade San Francisco 2014 with live music and tired toddlers

San Francisco's St. Patricks Day Parade 2014 lasted for hours in the glorious sunshine with live music and tired toddlers. Bubbles blew, balloons bobbed, children scampered and frolicked. It was a blast to go green for a day no matter who y'all were when you woke up this morning. The colorful streets of San Francisco lined with spectators who would join in for photo ops with clowns and other participants, many of whom tossed candy, gum and green Mardi Gras beads. The leisurely family parade ambled with live music and babes in arms to Civic Center Park and City Hall and a fabulous green time was had by all.

St. Patricks Day Parade San Francisco 2014 tired butterfly
St. Patricks Day Parade San Francisco 2014 tired butterfly
Cindy Warner
St. Patricks Day Parade San Francisco 2014
Cindy Warner

Laila pranced with her Irish flag as Dad Jim stood by. She approached lots of the participants who handed out candy and gum as well as a green strand of beads. Here we are getting handed a strand, including Dad Jim. Laila says happily, "You got one too!"

Kilts and bagpipes here and here, with the Stewart Tartan.

Many groups played live music including one truckload of young men for Zoo Station. Iron workers rode a Golden Gate Bridge complete with a little green princess. Many contractors and laborers promenaded including many on wheels of one kind or another, recyclers rolling party-colored bins. Elevator constructors rode in a cable car. A fire truck painted green rolled with a pretty crew riding. Many veterans groups marched in uniform even at their age and in full dress in the heat, looking splendid. Motorcycle cops at the tail end wore green carnations.

Kids rolled in strollers and dogs rolled in a wagon or in convertibles, one terrier in a jaunty wool plaid cap.

Tons of happy video on Youtube.


Green wheelchair:

Rainbow flag:

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