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St. Patricks Day in New York City

Memories of St. Patrick’s Day—McSorley’s Pub New York City

Established back in 1854 as an Irish social club exclusively for men only, McSorleys in New York City is the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day. Some of my best memories of St. Paddy’s Day have been spent at McSorley’s or waiting in line to get in to McSorley’s. As a stockbroker in my early twenties living in New York City and working on Wall Street, McSorley’s became a mainstay of life after work. It is an indelible part of my memory. When you walk in the place it smells of stale beer from the night before and it feels as if you entered the old sawdust covered floor of the Irish working man’s social club.

McSorley’s NYC-15 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10003

Everyone from Abe Lincoln to John Lennon has passed through the doors of McSorley’s. Women were finally allowed into McSorleys in 1970. But everyone male or female has to abide by the house rules even today. “Be good, or Be Gone” hangs over the bar and they are not kidding. If you complain about anything you may be banned for life. But who could complain at this wonderful part of New York’s Irish history. Cheese, soda crackers and onions are thrown on a plate in the middle of the table for free. That is still the same since the Irish working class days of the early 1900’s in New York City. McSorley’s has served Ale continuously for 150 years. McSorley’s has a legendary backroom where Ale flowed right through the entire prohibition and still does today.

McSorleys is steeped in Irish history and is a rich part of that heritage in New York City. Be sure to visit on your next trip up to NYC.

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