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St Patrick's day vs. Beer goggles

This St Patrick's Day the chance that you are going to have a beer is pretty good. The chance of that beer being a Guinness is even better, as an estimated 13 million pints are consumed during the holiday. So depending on how much you have to drink, the chance of you getting beer goggles is pretty good. But are beer goggles actually real - Recent studies from the past couple of years, go back and forth on this issue. So you can make up your own mind on that.
One thing that they can agree on is that when you drink alcohol it makes the average person 'lower there standards'. The average person finds it harder to tell the difference between a symmetrical face and a asymmetrical face.
So this St Patrick's day when you go out and drink your share of the 13 million pints of Guinness beer and you think that you might be starting to get 'beer goggles'. Remember that when you go to bed with that person, they may be a ten; however, when you wake up the same person may be a two. Drink safe and drink smart.

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