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St. Patrick’s Day rainbow and pot of gold nail art

St. Patrick's Day nail art featuring a rainbow and pot of gold designs.
Photo by: Janel Lucas

Rainbow and pot of gold nail art is colorful, fun and ideal for St. Patrick’s Day. To complete this nail look, you need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black and gold nail polishes. The black polish is used for the pot, the gold is used for the coins, blue for the sky and the remaining colors are used to create the rainbow.

  • Start with a base coat of a light blue nail polish to represent the sky. Wait for it to dry.
  • Create the rainbow by using a striper brush to make diagonal curved lines from one bottom corner of your nail, to the center of your nail. Make the lines right beneath one another and use one rainbow color at a time.
  • Once the rainbow dries, create the pot with the striper brush and black polish and create gold coins inside of the pot by making dots with a dotting tool and gold nail polish.
  • If you desire, add any additional designs to customize your nails. Wait for your nails to dry completely and seal with you clear top coat for long-lasting results.
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