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St. Patrick’s Day nails: Four leaf clover nail art

Green, white and gold four leaf clover nail art design.
Photo by: Janel Lucas

Bring St. Patrick’s Day luck to your fingertips by creating four leaf clover nail art. This is a simple and attention-grabbing nail look that requires green and white nail polish as well as a dotting tool and nail art striper brush. It is also a good idea to use a clear nail polish as a top coat to complete your four leaf clover nails.

  • To begin your four leaf clover, St. Patrick’s Day fingernail look, start with a base coat of white nail polish. Wait for it to dry completely and follow up with a second coat to even out the application of the polish.
  • Next, use your green nail polish and dotting tool to carefully paint a four leaf clover onto the center of your fingernail. The simplest way to create a four leaf clover is by making four small dots in a clover shape.
  • Lastly, use your green nail polish and striper brush to create a line that will represent the stem of the clover. Add any additional designs if you wish to and seal your designs in with a layer of clear nail polish.
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