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St. Patrick's Day craft - make a rainbow

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day fun by making your very own rainbow. Once you are done creating be sure and check out all the St. Patrick's Day fun going on in the Charleston area.

Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts Make a Rainbow

You will need:

• Red, yellow and blue poster paints
• White heavy paper – cardstock works great
• water


Mix the paint with a small amount water until it is fairly runny. Paint a thick line of red paint in the shape of a rainbow. This is the bottom of the rainbow. Next to the red line paint a yellow line. Make the yellow line a little wider then the red one. Make sure the yellow line overlaps the red paint a little bit. Notice how the overlapping section changes color. Now paint a blue making it overlap on the yellow line. As you overlap the lines the colors blend together making a small line of orange and green. You can add other colors if you like.


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