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St.Patrick Rocks C-Town

Next to the fourth of July, St. Patrick's day is the rowdiest holiday in C-town. It is the one day that everyone sets personal heritage aside and adopts the traditions of Irish culture. Anchored by the 143rd annual St. Patrick's Day parade, the city awoke extra early.  RJ Bolands saloon (724 Prospect) got the proverbial worm, opening its doors at 6:00 am, hosting a classic college style kegs & eggs breakfast.  

The weather in Cleveland can dictate the overall atmosphere on St. Patrick's Day, and the luck of the Irish brought the city a magnificent forecast to indulge and experience the holiday to the fullest. The staple of every honorary Irishmen/women's festivities (aside from the green beer) is the corned beef. Slyman's Restaurant (3016 Saint Clair) offers the finest Corned Beef sandwich in town($9.50). With a line formed down the sidewalk for 40 meters or more at times, you would think that U2 was behind the counter slicing the meat. For the Patty's Day house party host, the only place to turn is Mr. Brisket (2156 S.Taylor) in Cleveland Heights.  For $8.99 lb., you can enjoy the cooked corned beef, which happens to be sold frozen.

After all of the food digests, and the bunions have healed from the afternoon Parade walk from 18th & Superior to East Roadway, the second wind kicks in and Downtown calls you back like a casting director off Broadway.  This is when the marquis bar & nightclub institutions separate themselves from the pack. Most of the entertainment venues in the city rely on St. Patrick's Day to catalyze the year's financial earnings. However, the length and volume of the day's demands led many bars to close prior to the traditional 2:10 last call bell.

Always dependable, Liquid/Suitte Sixx/Ultra (1212 West 6th) triumvirate held it down for the duration, with DJ Jon Doe and Thaiger spinning at Suite Sixx, and DJ Scotty D orchestrating the 1's & 2's on the Liquid side. Green Beads were ubiquitously transferring from neck to neck as Barley House kept true to its Image, hosting a wall to wall celebration of the holiday.  Robbie Flair entertained the late night Leprechauns flipping bottles Cocktail style(Tom Cruise),  and blowing  flames inches from onlooker's eyebrows.

 The city witnessed one of the most pleasant and successful St. Patrick's Day in quite awhile. The Cavalier's victory was the icing on the holiday cake. With such a great day of events, food, and libation, it's a shame Notre Dame lost to Old Dominion in the first round of the NCAA Tournament today.

Shots - Shots -  Shots -  Shots - Shots: Erick Adam Sanders, Quincy Taylor, DJ Brad, Dino, L-Boogie, & Tommy Kneeland. Vote in Jess Beltic for Cleveland's Hottest Bartender NOW!!!! @


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