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St Patrick Day movement game for children

Children's activity for St. Patrick's Day
Children's activity for St. Patrick's Day

A fun group game we call the "Shamrock Relay" gets children physically active and improves their movement skills. Begin by making four large "Shamrocks" using green poster board. These will be used as portable stepping stones in the game. Using masking tape define a start/goal line on each side of the space/room directly across from each other. The group of children should be divided into two teams. Then divide each team in half with equal numbers of children in their relay lines facing each other standing on opposite sides of the room/space behind the taped lines. Each team is given two "Shamrock" stepping stones.

The game begins when the leader signals and the first player on each team begins the "Shamrock Shuffle" by putting down the first "Shamrock" and stepping on it. The player then puts down the second "Shamrock" and steps on it. Repeating the process the player picks up the first "Shamrock" and places it ahead in order to step on it and then does the same with the second "Shamrock". This continues until the player reaches his/her team behind the goal line and the next player begins the "Shamrock Shuffle". The first team to finish wins the relay.

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