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St. Partricks Day the right way; Keggs and Eggs at LoDo's

Dedicated fans waiting to get in at 6am
Dedicated fans waiting to get in at 6am

Outside LoDo's St. Patty's Day 2010                     Photo By Megan Smith

If you were to stumble out of a bar near 20th and Market street on March 16th you wouldn’t be able to keep from laughing at the people already standing in line hoping since 3pm that day to get into Keggs and Eggs. You grab your sleeping bag out of the truck, lay it down at the end of the line and curl up tight cause in the morning you will have another excuse to get intoxicated. On St Patrick’s Day, the place to be at 7am is LoDo's Bar and Grill in downtown Denver. The line starts the day prior so your spot is crucial. From in front of the Bar, down to 19th, and beginning to curve back down Market street, (and its not single file but people spread 12 wide) all in hopes of enjoying their morning in the face of good company, live rockin bands, and a life long memory.

Bagpipers revving up the crowd                       Photo By Megan Smith

Oh my oh my, 8:15a.m. Channel 93.3 DJ's Nerf and Goodman take the stage to play a game they called Irish or bullocks with a couple people from the crowd the prize being up coming concert tickets. After revving up the crowd Nerf and Goodman introduced Oh My Stars, right off the bat they gave a unique and zesty feel to the air with the strong emotional lyrics of their hit song "Bloody November". Many folks commented on the comparison of the lead singer’s soft and multi toned voice to his strong feminine appearance. They were recently introduced to the Colorado music scene and have only been heard of via radio by most. With lyrics describing anything from exploding in women’s guts to love sick heart aches, Oh My Stars started the morning off right and set the stage on fire for the following artists.

View from on LoDo's deck at all the poor suckers still waiting.       Photo by Megan Smith

As Saosin tuned their guitars, a heavier wave overcame the crowd beginning with the bass and radiating out from the speakers. Bringing more St. Patrick’s Day cheer, with every ones hand full of green beer, were 5 guys that rocked the crowd harder than before. Their hit single “Changing”  had the drunken rowdy crowd bouncing and grooving along to the intense beats, there was not a soul in the bar that didn't recognize the slowly increasing tempo of the emotionally gripping song. Suddenly at once all feet were bouncing off the ground and every vocal chord was screaming in tone the final verse “and then ya STOP”.

The crowd is already exhausted and suddenly the nasty smell of locker room sweat and warm beer sets in. All the thirsty mouths continued throwing some more Irish traditions down the hatch while patiently awaiting the final band to take the stage.

Electronic, bumpin’ beats. A blend of hip hop lyrics, underground house, and some of their own taste, Jared, Patrick, Jesse and Kris make up Innerparty System. The whole bar goes nuts over the mixing beats; very unique to this scene. Almost instantaneously, the crowd is jumpin; this is what they came for! With the crowd in great spirits enjoying every minute of the show, the clock says 10 past 11 and I think to myself, “Its Saint Patrick’s Day, I played hooky from work, I can all ready call it a good day.” But for the full experience, next year, I want to see you at Keggs and Eggs!

For more info: Listen to Channel 93.3 regularly to win guaranteed entry passes for next year or visit their website at


  • Jessica 5 years ago

    Megs, did you have a BLAST?!?!? They don't actually get that wild over here on St. Patricks day . . . us weird Americans, LOL

  • Jake 5 years ago

    WOW, that is very well written. makes me jealous that I really was not aware of what my St. patricks day should look like.!

    Very descriptive and draws a great picture of that morning in my head

  • Travis 5 years ago

    Its bigger than Hip hop hip hop hiiip. Gosh darn i did not know what kind of team we could make being "examiners" of denver music. Bravo meggy totaly thug and gangster and i could not have done it with out you being there....? A+

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