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St. Paddy's day the gay way


Yes, radio station KDWB has LGBT fans, and some attended their live morning show at Kip’s Irish Pub this St. Paddy’s day. Host, Dave Ryan, referred to it as “St. Psychic’s Day,” because psychic Gary Spivey was there offering free readings. The first one hundred people got a free buffet breakfast with eggs, potatoes and bacon. From 6am to 10am they gave away prizes including movie passes, $50 tanning gift cards, DVDs, CDs, headphones, etc. if you sat on the “potty of gold,” a plastic toilet painted with gold paint.
The grand prize was Black Eyed Peas tickets if you could answer all of the Irish questions in an amount of time. The first contestant was a 17 year old girl that had been there since 6am and asking every ten minutes when they were going to give them away. The crowd helped her with the answers, but she ran out of time. As soon as Dave Ryan said the time was up, she starting crying. Lena Svenson, the other host, felt so bad for her that they gave her the tickets anyway.

Irish drag queen
photo by Kelly Frankenberg

The parade in St. Paul started at noon and went past Rumours/Innuendo on 4th Street. Rumours claimed to be the St. Paddy’s day headquarters with dancing, free stuff, drink specials, and Beer Pong St. Paddy’s Day style. Another great venue to be at, in walking distance from Rumours, was Camp, which offered 3 for 1s. 


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