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St. Lucie Public Schools make progress

Back to the basics---it makes for Common Core Standards

Every little bit helps and every gain is important, so much so that through the Florida Department of Education (DOE) release of the School Performance Grades for Elementary, K-8 and Middle Schools and taking pride in educating every student every day, St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) is celebrating a 25 percent gain in the number of schools that improved one letter grade or more (Floresta Elementary and Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts improved two letter grades) and 72 percent maintained or increased their school grades.

It should be the little things that makes us happy and proud when we realize the daily obstacles that students, parents, schools and teachers must endure in order to achieve a minute of success in a student’s comprehension, understanding of what their teachers try to convey daily; it’s not easy for teachers nor students some days---but they forge on for success, so any recognition or acknowledgement for success should be applauded and appreciated by all who stand in observance of what is being done and what in the future must be done for the total productivity for our schools, communities, our nation and ultimately the world. America is so key and vital, but we are not alone in the ultimate victory and success of mankind (poetic license to use inclusive of male and female of the species).

Other highlights of St. Lucie County’s improvement and therefore success include:

All grades tested in writing showed growth. Twenty-nine out of 36 (or 81 percent) of SLPS increased their proficiency levels over last year’s performance. Fourth grade exceeded state proficiency levels (55 percent for SLPS / 53 percent for the state). In eighth grade, students exceeded last year’s performance by nine percent and the number of 10th grade students meeting the performance target increased by 12 percent.

SLPS was one of 13 districts in the state that improved their performance in all End of Course (EOC) exams: Algebra 1, US History, Biology, and Civics. There was a nine percent increase in Algebra 1. Within the groups that maintained their school grade, several schools showed tremendous growth. Included in this group are:

  • Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts - 151 point gain
  • Windmill Point Elementary - 91 point gain
  • St. Lucie Elementary – 87 point gain
  • Lawnwood Elementary – 67 point gain
  • Westgate K – 8 – 62 point gain
  • Dan McCarty – 61 point gain
  • Oak Hammock – 55 point gain
  • Savanna Ridge Elementary – 56 point gain
  • North Port K-8 – 55 point gain
  • Floresta Elementary – 50 point gain
  • Forest Grove Middle School – 47 point gain
  • Southport Middle School – 41 point gain
  • Manatee Elementary – 37 point gain
  • Palm Pointe K – 8 - 23 point gain

While school grades will not be calculated for high schools until later in the school year, data shows significant growth for area high schools as well.

  • Fort Pierce Central – 35 point gain
  • Port St. Lucie High School – 26 point gain
  • Mosaic Digital Academy – 26 point gain
  • St. Lucie West Centennial – 24 point gain

REF: Lucie Links Newsletter (SLCSD) July 2014

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