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St. Lucie County Mayor and City Council races of 2014 after primary election

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The results of the 2014 primary election for the St. Lucie County Mayor and City Council races are presented here for the citizens and all interested individuals’ perusal.

In the race for Mayor:

Incumbent JoAnn M. Faiella (NOP) received 23.14% of the vote (4,796). Mayor JoAnn Faiella announced her campaign for reelection early on this year aiming to continue building on her success in helping rejuvenate the economic recovery of Florida’s ninth largest city. On her website, she states the following:

“This city is so resilient. Its fighting spirit is something I’ve always in my heart very deeply related to, and I’ve always believed in our citizens’ determination. We’ve faced some tough circumstances and inherited some serious financial challenges but we’re dealing with them head on, seeking solutions, attracting new businesses and opportunities and coming out smarter, stronger and better prepared for what’s ahead.”

Challenger in the race for Mayor:

Gregory J. Oravec (NOP) received 44.7% of the vote (9,263). On the Gregory J. Oravec for Mayor website, Mr. Oravec makes the following statement:

“I am running because I believe that our lives find meaning through service to our families and communities; and, after 12 years of working to make Port St. Lucie a better place, this is my family’s hometown. This is our community, and I can think of nothing better than serving our residents in the pursuit of making Port St. Lucie the best it can be.”

Faiella and Oravec will now move onto the ballot for the next election where registered voters will be able to make the determination on who the people of Port St. Lucie feel will best serve the interest and needs of all of the people. Good luck to the candidates; happy voting to the voters.

District 1 and 3 City Council races:

In the City Council, District 1 for City of Port St. Lucie (NOP) race, Linda Bartz (NOP) prevailed with 61% of the vote.

In the City Council, District 3 for City of Port St. Lucie (NOP) race, incumbent Shannon M. Martin (NOP) received 40.07% of the vote (7,726) while James Taylor (NOP) received 41.8% of the vote (8,060) and both will go to the next election for the winner to be manifested.

Preliminaries have now been taken care of in all races and now once again the citizens (registered voters) of St. Lucie County must speak up with their uniting voice of the American Vote. Reach out and encourage each other to participate whether via mail-in vote (absentee), early voting (Oct. 25 to Nov. 1, 2014), or at the polls on Nov. 4th (general election).

REF: St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Website (