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St. Lucia murder: Husband brutally murdered defending wife as thugs board boat

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A St. Lucia murder has netted three more arrests, bring the total to five people in all arrested for this brutal murder of a man who just retired. Roger Pratt and his wife Margaret were sailing around the world until a group of thugs boarded their boat and took his life, according to Sky News on Jan. 22.

When these men boarded the Pratt's boat, the Magnetic Attraction, which was docked in a harbor in St. Lucas, they went after Roger and Margaret Pratt. Roger died trying to protect his wife. It was after the attack that Margaret Pratt found her husband floating in the water. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Margret was also injured during the attack, but her husband took the brunt of it because of his attempt to keep his wife safe. Margret was treated at the hospital for her injuries.

Tuesday morning’s autopsy, showed that Pratt died of drowning and a traumatic blow to his head. It is believed that the attackers held him underwater. Ironically the Pratt's were due to leave St. Lucia earlier that day, but some type of paperwork held up their departure.

The attackers did not have guns or knives, they attacked this couple using pure violence and scare tactics. The five arrested are talking with police today. Their names and ages have not been released.

With tourism accounting for two-thirds of the island’s economy, the St. Lucia tourism minister was quick to take to the media with damage control.

Lorne Theophilus said:

"I wish to assure you that as a destination St Lucia remains relatively safe for nationals and visitors alike. "We are fully committed to seeing this investigation through to a final conclusion."



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